10 Sales Tips That Can Help You Sell More…RIGHT NOW!

Marcy asked me to share some great tips for selling with the First Tuesday women!   I know most people don’t like the word “selling” or “sales”.  It isn’t really a “four letter word”. I promise.  If you share from your heart and reach out in a confidence. You will not only transform selling for you…but maybe even your life!  I hope these tips help you to reach more people with your message. 

Have a Sales Strategy

Like anything being built, a business needs a blueprint too!  Your sales strategy is your blueprint for your selling success.  It is the map you follow that guides you to your final destination:  SUCCESS!  It will ensure that you are focused and moving forward to achieve your goals.  

Know Your Target Market

During your Sales Strategy Session you will define your ideal customer or your target market.  If you don’t know what kind of plants you want to grow in your garden, you don’t know what kind of seeds to plant.  First learn what you want in an ideal client; then do the research to determine what your ideal client wants from you!  You can’t sell anything without understanding the person, group, or company you are selling to.   


Schedule Time to Sell

Once you put your sales strategy together; then break it out into action steps to move you forward.  Make a daily, weekly and even a monthly plan.  Work your plan!  When you work your plan you will reach your goals.  Even if you only set aside one hour a day to make calls, set appointments and follow up, you will see some results.  Consistency will move you forward and closer to your goals!


Yes, you have heard this many times before AND it bears repeating:  “Don’t talk so much!”  LISTEN. Really listen to your prospect as he/she speaks.  (Take notes if you can).  You will hear important clues that will guide you toward your sale.  Selling isn’t telling your story, it is listening to theirs.  Let them do most of the talking and you most of the listening!

Be Curious and HEAL THEIR PAIN

Selling isn’t pushing, it is a gentle pulling…pulling a thread of discovery.  Be curious and ask questions to discover how you can work together and what your customer might need.  You can’t solve their problem without knowing what it is.  So ask questions that will get you the answers that uncover their pain and then you can heal it!  That’s selling! 

The Money shouldn’t be the Goal

At the end of your life, you won’t care about being rich (you can’t take it with you), but you will want to be known as the best in your field. Make that the goal and the money will follow.  

Attitude Attitude Attitude

It should be a good one!  Don’t take the “NO” personally.  Starbucks may be right across the street from Coffee Bean and they are both crowded. It is a “taste bud” thing. When someone says NO, we can ask why and learn, we can say “thank you” and ask for a referral, or just move on.  Don’t worry your ideal client is there.  He or she might just be across the street at the Starbucks, so continue on with a smile.  

Relationship Relationship Relationship

I buy from people I like.  Don’t you? So do your customers.   People buy on emotion and back it up with intelligence. So you want to connect with your customer and be yourself. You are building a relationship. This might take one call or two or seven or more, but keep at it and your prospect will appreciate your efforts!  

Show Value

Selling is a process and closing is part of the process.  In this process you MUST show VALUE to your prospect.  When you do finally quote a cost, remember to reiterate all the value your customer will get for their hard earned money.  When you show value you are more likely to hear “yes”.  You aren’t “closing” someone you are offering value and filling their need. 

Have Fun

Remember that you have a core mission and part of this is sharing your knowledge, your value, your product and your service. So have fun! No matter what, this should all be fun and it can be!  Selling is nothing more than learning about another person, being interested, curious, open, and honest and making someone’s day with a smile.  So have fun and sell lots! 

Carolyn Ziel

I hope that this help you.  Let me know what changes for you when you make this shift.  Or reach out to me with questions or if you need more.  carolyn@essentialselling.com www.essentialselling.com

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