WEEK 1:  What Are Your PR Goals? January is the month of planning, so this is a good time to get clear on your PR goals. When setting PR goals, here are some things to keep in mind: 1.       Why do you want press coverage-to gain clients, position yourself for a book deal, secure more speaking engagements, etc.? 2.       Why is it important to you to share your message? 3.       Why is it important to others that you share your … [Read more...]

Write Your Damn Book


Have you been talking about writing a book for months? Years? All of eternity? Do you have a brilliant idea but no clue where to start? Bestselling author and coach Jen Sincero has an 8 week tele-course called "How To Write and Sell Your Non-Fiction Book Proposal" that will give you all the info, exercises and accountability you need to get your proposal written in 8 weeks*. *When it comes to non-fiction, unlike fiction, agents and editors want … [Read more...]

‘It Ain’t Just Dirt’


If you were to take one teaspoon of dirt from your garden and dump it on a piece of paper to see what it was about, what might you see:  Sand, clay, a bit of root, the corner of a leaf.  Perhaps even an ant or pill bug might come crawling out.  But what you would not see are billions of bacteria, yards of fungus, thousands of protozoa and dozens of nematodes! “Egads!”  You might shriek, as you whipped that dirt away from you and vowed never to … [Read more...]

3 Stages to Profital Business Relationships


Courtship:  Show your interest in them, shower your prospective client with accolades and show appreciation of their time. At this stage you are pursuing the potential client.  You ask them out for dates for coffee, lunch, etc.  You listen attentively about what their interests are, what they might like to share about their personal life, what challenges they are having in their business, etc.  This is a very important part of the relationship … [Read more...]