Marcy Cole talks about “Women in Connection”


"Women in Connection, Collaboration, Celebration and Community" First Tuesday LA launches it's pilot episode with Host Tracy Pattin and Executive Director & Founder, Dr. Marcy Cole. They talk about "Women in Connection."¬† What that means, how you can get more connected in your own life and in your community. … [Read more...]

Stephanie Radkay talks about “Women and Money”

first-tuesday-tv Host Tracy Pattin talks to Investment Educator/Mentor Stephanie Radkay about educating ourselves on investing and finances. … [Read more...]

I will tell you what to read returns! Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Posted¬† by Caroline Donahue I realize that I am just a bit behind on promoting this book as it came out in the Spring. However, I did pre-order it and then it sat, happily holding onto its joyful message, until this past Friday when I decided to tackle it. I think tackle is the wrong word entirely after the fact as it was such a delight to read this. I can't recommend you grab your own copy highly enough... Tony Hsieh … [Read more...]

Looking at the bigger impact we make

Now, it's no secret that most of us went into business to help people. Entrepreneurs are an extremely generous folk. We notice that something is upsetting, challenging, or just plain inconvenient for people and we set out to create a product or a program or a service to fix things. Innovation and creativity are beautiful things in the hands of an entrepreneur with a vision. So I must put this out there: the Earth needs this … [Read more...]

“When?” is the only question you need to ask.

Posted on September 20, 2010 by Caroline Donahue We spend so much of our time asking questions that are difficult to answer. Big ones I see clients asking a lot: "How?" and "Who?" as in "How will I accomplish this goal?" and "Who is gong to go for this?" Another big one: "Why?" as in "Why me?" or "Why now?" None of these questions is going to get you where you want to go. Of course you need to know why you want … [Read more...]