Where Does Your Pride Lie?


When my niece was 13 years old, I called her after a school play to ask her how it went. "It was great" she exclaimed....."I was really proud of my performance!" When my sister got on the phone I told her how amazing I thought it was that my niece, at an age when young girls are dimming their light to be accepted and not perceived as "conceited"........ could really celebrate and acknowledge herself. She told me something that I vowed to share … [Read more...]

Generosity: A Re-Wiring Process


Generosity: A Rewiring Process Does generosity mean giving money? In the last three weeks I’ve been examining my relationship with generosity and giving. I am very fortunate to have dear family and friends who are and have always been very generous with their time, love, advice, finances, support and so much more. However, I found myself wondering, “Am I as generous as them?” Not that it’s a competition. I just was curious. Little did I know … [Read more...]

Dress For Dating Success


In order to attract the man of your dreams, it helps to dress in a way that honors your beautiful figure. But you should wear only clothes that make the best of your unique shape. Before you hop on whatever trend they're pushing in Hollywood, ask yourself if the look works for you and your gorgeous body. The key is to emphasize what you do have and to detract from what you don't. Buy only the clothes that you know you'll put on over and over … [Read more...]


self-confident woman

I’d like to go into the first letter of this acronym a little more deeply.  The C stands for care or commitment.  I’d like to talk more about what it means to Care in relationship. Care is a two way exchange in any relationship whether it is business or personal.  One of the most fundamental aspects of being in relationship with another is that we want to know that the other cares about us. Care however, starts with the SELF.  I often found … [Read more...]

Finding Your Beloved And Keeping Your Love Alive


http://vimeo.com/20225606 Wygant Productions Women's Seminar Los Angeles - November, 2009 … [Read more...]

Push Off From The Shore Today With A Spirit Of Discovery…


ON TRUE PROSPERITY, WELL-BEING, AND CULTIVATING AN EVOLUTIONARY HEART ~~~ by Christiane Schull ~~ “Push off from the shore today with a Spirit of Discovery. Set your sights on Joy. Know that your fellow Explorers will greet you with Delight. You are not what they expected either! You are so much MORE! What fun! ....'Row, Row, Row, your boat...gently down the stream...merrily, merrily, merrily...life is but a dream!'" Christiane … [Read more...]

Ideal or Real? — Maneuvering thru the Perfect Game

Perfection Obsession (2)

We as a culture are familiar with setting goals. We hear all the time, dream big. Create your reality. Which I agree with. I find value in setting goals, intentions, and getting clear on what I want in my life. However, I seem to be relearning a lesson that I’ve struggled with in the past. I can’t help but wonder, “Are we holding so strongly to an ideal that we can’t see what’s right in front of our face?” I first learned this lesson … [Read more...]

Relationships – There’s No Getting Around Them


RELATIONSHIPS THERE’S NO GETTING AROUND THEM You go into a grocery store there are people with carts and we have to navigate through all of them. You go to the movies you have to interact with the person at the window and again there is a sea of movie goers. Whether it is a stranger or a family member we are in the world and we must relate with one another. There is no getting around it. How we relate to one another makes all the difference … [Read more...]

Does Food Have Power Over You?


Food. How can something so small have so much power. It can cause anxiety at a meal. It can consume all thoughts throughout the day. It can dictate our mood. Food has a lot of power in this culture. Step into any bookstore diet section and you will see how much power it has first hand. Should I follow Eat Right for Your Blood Type? What about the Zone? You on a Diet? Atkins? Acid/Alkaline? More protein? Less protein? No sugar? No dairy? It’s all … [Read more...]

Mentor Ring Takes Flight

One moment it is a whisper of an idea.  The next it is a bunch of folks sitting in a living room, the vision taking shape and moving forward. There were twelve of us that evening, sitting appropriately, in a circle; the first incarnation of the Mentor Ring.  We were a group of women and men committed to the idea of giving back, paying it forward.  All of us were busy, with more than enough on our plates, but for some reason when the call went … [Read more...]