Are You In Your Ego Or Your Spirit?


We can make one of two choices in walking through out day......We can live in our ego, or be guided by our spirit. Our ego reacts, while our spirit listens. Our ego interprets, while our spirit is open. Our ego personalizes, while our spirit remains objective and neutral. Our ego judges, while our spirit IS compassion. Our ego runs with fear, while our spirit is fueled by faith. When you find yourself thinking, feeling or acting in a way that … [Read more...]

Do Not Doubt That I Hear You, Says God…


ON TRUE PROSPERITY, WELL-BEING, AND CULTIVATING AN EVOLUTIONARY HEART ~~~ by Christiane Schull ~~~ "Do not doubt that I hear you," says God. "It is just that I miss that sweet song of gratitude you used to sing. You would sing me to sleep and wake me in the morning with the music of your thanksgiving. It is not that I have not visited you lately. It is that you have been absent to your own Joy." Christiane … [Read more...]

Putting Yourself Out There And Feeling Invisible?


Putting Yourself Out There and Feeling Invisible? I am in direct contact with entrepreneurs a lot. I am listening to you. I am hearing you. And I feel the Pain. I feel the pain of not having enough clients. I feel the pain of putting yourself out there and feeling invisible. I feel the pain of feeling like the only solution is to work harder, try more stuff, do more…. I’ve heard from many of you that you are really frustrated because so … [Read more...]

Three Generations Of Gardening


What is it that was so special about that day—we were three generations gardening: sowing seeds, getting dirty, eating, drinking and laughing. We were mother, daughter, and granddaughter. Not just 3 generations, but three generations of women, and like life itself, we were represented in all our aspects: willowy young tree, just starting to form, with roots easing into the warm soil, head facing to the sun. The mature tree, trunk thick and … [Read more...]

How To Become A Man Magnet

Young happy smiling couple celebrating with champagne

A woman walks into the room and a group of men flock to her like a magnet. “What is it about her?” you ask. Maybe it’s because she’s beautiful, maybe it is because she has a hot body, or maybe it’s because she has shiny hair. That “it” factor, however, is way simpler than you may think.  The “it” factor has to do with one key ingredient to make any man melt and that is…. confidence. Confidence! It’s how a woman owns what she has and … [Read more...]

The Power Of Apology


Have you ever had an argument with your spouse, and you literally do not know how you are going to recover from it? I remember having one of those with my now darling husband when we were dating. I went to bed, with him in the other room, thinking "I have no idea how to get out of this. I can't find anything to apolgize for on this one!" I prayed that he would be able to reflect and figure this out for both of us this time. Thankfully, … [Read more...]

Inviting Birds Into The Garden

salvia reduced

I was standing at my sink the other morning, when I saw it: this beautiful little bird, with black and white markings and a stunning yellow throat. Now, I don’t know what kind of bird it was, but I do know that seeing that bird absolutely delighted me. In some ways, it’s just common sense. Like every other creature, birds need three things: food, water, and shelter. If you can provide those things they will visit. All we need to do is … [Read more...]

Reading Into Your Clients’ Hearts


Do you know what your clients want? I mean do you know what they really want? I see too many entrepreneurs who are constantly reinventing their marketing messages, always trying to come up with a new cute and catchy title. They are spinning their wheels wondering why they aren’t attracting clients. With each new package they create with a “hook-y” title, they are getting more and more frustrated when it doesn’t sell. While I think cute and … [Read more...]

What Greater Good Could There Be…


ON TRUE PROSPERITY, WELL-BEING, AND CULTIVATING AN EVOLUTIONARY HEART ~~~ by Christiane Schull ~~~ “What Greater Good could there be than to find something to LOVE and APPRECIATE in everyone we meet, see, or even think about. ~ Imagine the JOY that would cascade in Infinite waves if we made this our practice daily!" Christiane Schull … [Read more...]