A Knock At The Door


Described by the filmmaker as follows: "Our first inspirational mini-film has caused a small, unexpected international sensation. Thank you to all 1,000,000+ viewers who've seen it and the thousands of letters we've received in response! We're overjoyed so many of you are touched, encouraged, inspired." … [Read more...]

Ripples In A Pond


I think I was struck most by the thought that the glimmer of an idea that came to me literally as I was washing my hands at a First Tuesday meeting, would have manifested itself a year later, living and breathing with unknown pulsing potential. In March of 2011, First Tuesday launched the Mentor Ring, with its vision of connecting First Tuesday members with women and children in need of support. Our first group of mentees were two families … [Read more...]

Global Girl Media: This Is Our World, My Voice


What if the voices of young women in communities around the world dominated global media? How would our world be different? I recently had the opportunity to work with eight young women from East Los Angeles in a media-training program aimed at bringing out these voices. It's called Global Girl Media. (http://www.globalgirlmedia.org) When I sat with the girls to talk about how they wanted to use their voices, they told me: "I want women … [Read more...]

Impromptu Monterey Adventure


>I think sometimes the best way to travel is to make few plans and have even fewer expectations.  Such was our impromptu trip to Monterey this January.  We were amazingly fortunate with the weather, warm blue skies and a three day holiday.  So last minute, we piled up the buggy and headed north.  The only things on the agenda – a stop for  lunch and quick hug for my daughter in San Luis Obispo, and a visit to the world famous Monterey … [Read more...]

Women Speak Out About What’s Gone Wrong With the U.S. Birthing System

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“Women die in childbirth as a result of systemic failures including: barriers to accessing care, inadequate, neglectful or discriminatory care, and overuse of risky interventions like inducing labor and delivering via cesarean section.” -- Amnesty International For many of us who haven't yet been through childbirth, there's an image we have of what it's like: A woman is rushed to the hospital in a taxi; she gets put in a wheelchair and is … [Read more...]

Do Unto Yourself


Here is my Soul Food for Parents, inspired by a talk with a client yesterday who is a mother of 4. She gives "everything" she says to her children and cannot understand why they are struggling with their self-esteem and "receiving praise." I asked her how she is with the same and she laughed..."not so good." Your children will do as you do, not just take in what you say. If they see you holding your head up high, proud of who you are and … [Read more...]