Micaela Bubola Explains The “I Love You” Exercise


Here is a great video all about how to connect within. Watch here as Micaela "Bubola" Passeri explains the "I Love You" Exercise: … [Read more...]

Destroy Toxic Thoughts With 3 Easy Steps


Destroy Toxic Thoughts with 3 Easy Steps! By Micaela “Bubola” Passeri There are studies out there that suggest the mind generates 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Of those, about 80% are negative. We dwell on the past, worry about the future, cling to ideas of who we are, worry about who said what or what they'll think. Many of these thoughts are nonsense, a product of what many call the "monkey mind". The "monkey mind" is a Buddhist … [Read more...]

Rainwater Harvesting (Conserving A Precious Resource)

rain on waterlilies

Pitter patter, pitter patter. The sweet sound of rain, an especially lovely sound in Southern California. I stand in my open doorway, inhaling the scent of rain and wet earth. I am fascinated by the alternating rhythms of the weather, from the gentle drops to a sudden downpour. Suddenly there is the rumble of the thunder and the flashing of lightening. ‘Goodness!’ I think. ‘It’s a storm! How thrilling!’ And in moments, my street is … [Read more...]

Water Retains The Memories


They say that water retains the memories. Ah, so what do mine remember? They remember a belly large like a whale’s and a dark line that ran down from rib to pubic bones. They remember the sensation of a babe shifting inside. They remember as the waters inside discovered the waters outside, and how they reached for each other in recognition, my little one turning somersaults in delight. They remember the fear I felt when I stepped into … [Read more...]