Ageless Beauty Warning about this Undergarment

Yes, there is a thing or two to be aware of when it comes to this sexy contraption that keeps a woman’s breast looking lifted and perky.

For years I have personally avoided wearing under-wire bras.  Wireless bras are sometimes hard to find, but my research has always shown that wearing metal, especially that close to your heart, can have an effect on the electrical circuits of the body.


According to Dr. Mercola, the metal wire can also act as an antenna attracting electromagnetic fields, which can also increase your risk of breast cancer.  He points out that any metal constantly applied to any given energy channel or point on your body can have a stimulating effect that over time will cause the corresponding organs to “mess up”.  In this case, the corresponding organs are the liver and gallbladder.
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Denie Hiestand, author of Electrical Nutrition

A fabulous guide to reversing the signs of aging, warns that wearing a bra every waking moment of the day goes against everything your body is trying to do to detoxify the toxins out of the body.

Denie explains that your lymphatic drainage system has to move all the lymphatic fluid up through the lymph nodes that are contained in the outer connective tissue around your chest, including many in the mammary glands.

Wearing a bra is in essence creating a rubber band effect around your chest, therefore inhibiting your body’s own self healing mechanism, the lymphatic system from working.  Keep in mind that the breasts contain a large number of lymph nodes, and by wearing a bra most of the day, you are stopping the natural flow of toxins out of the breast.

Could this be a major contributing factor to breast cancer?

According to Denie Hiestand, the #1 cause of breast cancer is toxic ingredients in skin care, make-up, hair products, body products, soaps, and perfumes.  You couple that with stifling the body’s healing mechanism, the lymphatic system, it seems to me the answer has to be yes.

So get your wireless bras, don’t wear them so tight, and by all means let the “girls” hang out more often.

I personally will not be going bra less out in public, but for sure the minute I get home, the bra is coming off.

I believe it is the Age Less thing to do.

Cathey Painter

Be the ageless beauty you were born to be!
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