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Jessica Payne is a trusted brand strategist, digital marketing consultant and coach based in Los Angeles. Years spent on the agency side both in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe give her clients a competitive edge with proven results. Jessica has helped entrepreneurs successfully launch companies, rebrand, rally communities, land dream jobs -- even reach tens of millions of followers through social media engagement. "Manifesting a thriving brand or business in today's economy requires thinking more holistically than ever about what success actually looks like. The first place to start is by delivering sublime experiences every single time. It's easy to forget that people are at the heart of every community. Without their loyalty, the road to success for any brand can be difficult and costly. Today's digital-savvy consumer expects excellent products, warmth and above all, authenticity. It's my duty to build online strategies that deliver results." - Jessica Payne In addition to running STRATEGY FOR IMPACT, Jessica is a firm believer in paying it forward with motivational insights and does so regularly on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and her own Strategy Bites podcast. She produces original content and artwork like her infographic on "How to Visualize Content and Rules for Entrepreneurs oracle cards which have become a client favorite.


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