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Born and Raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. BS from Northwestern University, majoring in Radio/TV/Film and Communication Studies. Worked as a Television Executive for Katz Communications, Received a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Loyola University in Chicago and a Doctorate at the Institute for Clinical Social work. I've been in private practice as a Holistic Psychotherapist for the past 18 years working with adolescents, adults, couples and families. Workshop Facilitator, Corporate Consultant, and Speaker. Best selling Co-Author of "Living Proof … Celebrating the Gifts that Come Wrapped in Sand Paper" and "Get Your Woman On … Embracing Beauty, Grace and the Power of Women". Founder of First Tuesday LA, and Founder and Executive Director of CMomA.org, offering support to childless single women and couples who seek to adopt children in need.

Website: http://www.DrMarcyCole.com

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