Do I Really Want It?

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Do I Really Want It? By Marianne Simon As I handed over my credit card in answer to Loral Langemeier’s call to join their team and commit to wealth, I did so with a strange sense of calm.  A sense that it was just time. Over the past few weeks I’d been hearing her question a lot:  Are you committed?  Do you really want this?  Are you ready to bring on your full game?  And each time I would think ‘Well, yes – but …’  There was always a … [Read more...]

Creating A Presentation That Flows (Or What Is Your Mississippi)?

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Creating a Presentation that Flows (or) What is Your Mississippi? By Marianne Simon One of the biggest challenges a speaker faces is what information to share, and how to do that in a way that flows easily and naturally.  If you are like me, there are a hundred things you’d love to talk about, but not all of them may be related.  The problem is, if you are not focused and cohesive in your presentation, you can leave your audience a bit … [Read more...]

Women’s Healing Circle: Your Next Best Self – Evolution Of Style


WOMEN’S HEALING CIRCLE: YOUR NEXT BEST SELF – EVOLUTION OF STYLE By Nicole Foos Hello! My name is Nicole Foos and I’m brand new to First Tuesday. I have an event planning company, Quintessential Parties, a stylist company, Styling Goddess, and do Women’s Healing Circles for the Healing Institute of Beings ( I’m currently doing my Circles twice per month, but wanted to share my blog post about the Circle we had … [Read more...]

The Leaning Feminist


The Leaning Feminist By Dr. Ramani Marissa Meyer, Sheryl Sandberg – we don’t play in the same sandbox by any stretch – but their wealth and visibility give them a chance to make noise about an issue that the rest of us continue to struggle with daily. Women getting ahead. Women having it all. Women leading. So why don’t we “lean in?” Lots of folks are weighing in on why we do, why we don’t, and, then come the old school debates on … [Read more...]

The NEW Formula for Wealth!

Callan Rush

Being WEALTHY means 3 things: a) FULFILLMENT: Being deeply fulfilled in what you do. b) INCOME:  Earning the amount of money that allows you to do what you want, when you want, and with whom. c) IMPACT:  The feeling you get when you know you’re making a big difference in the lives of many people! WEALTH, when put this way, is easy to understand… but not so easy to create. (Especially if you’re a heart-based, service-oriented type … [Read more...]

Are YOU Brilliant?

Is 2011 YOUR year to fully embody your brilliance, engage your audience in your mission/movement, and catapult your cash flow? Then you're in the right place! By following my FREE 30 Days of Brilliance Video Series (launching April 1st), you will unlock my success secrets for how to use the social business landscape to engage your audience, embody your brilliant branding, and build a profitable platform. … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Create Massive Success Next Year


I think that Lisa Larter is one of the most knowledgeable and savvy social media experts in the market place. She is someone to know and to learn from for all entrepreneurs and business owners. Really liked her no no-non-sense approach to setting clear and effective business goals for yourself in the new year.... Thank you Lisa! Marcy Do you want next year to bring your increased sales, connections, fulfillment and success? Ten Ways … [Read more...]

The “Tool” Chaser — Am I Enough Yet?


I have been thinking a lot about my journey lately. Where have I come from and where the heck am I going? I have been thinking about all the tools I have learned in the self development arena in the last 15 years and how I’m still on that path. Still learning about and uncovering some more of myself; unburying those treasures I kept hidden in the dark forest of my mental filing cabinets. As it usually happens when I’m taking a shower; what is … [Read more...]

Free Women’s Mastermind group

Anyone want to join a free women's mastermind group I'm facilitating? Contact Ariel at … [Read more...]

My 21-Day “I Stop Complaining!” Challenge

Christine Lewicki's 21 Day Stp Complaining Challenge

For my American readers this is the U.S version of the article featured in Marie Claire French Magazine this summer!  I wanted to share this article with you because it truly reflects my journey and some of the biggest lessons that I received when I did my  "I Stop Complaining" challenge which gave birth to a blog & book called “J’Arrête de Râler” or “ I Stop Complaining!” newly launched in English! Let’s … [Read more...]