Mentor Ring Takes Flight

One moment it is a whisper of an idea.  The next it is a bunch of folks sitting in a living room, the vision taking shape and moving forward. There were twelve of us that evening, sitting appropriately, in a circle; the first incarnation of the Mentor Ring.  We were a group of women and men committed to the idea of giving back, paying it forward.  All of us were busy, with more than enough on our plates, but for some reason when the call went … [Read more...]

Sustainability In Your Own Garden


Sustainability. Organic. Green. We hear those terms a lot these days. Unfortunately, those terms are now often used for marketing materials and sales tools, and so are losing some of their impact. The term sustainable can be defined as ‘development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.’ So, how does that apply to our own little corners of the earth? As I travel … [Read more...]

Improving Body Image


Improving Body Image By Bridget Loves Body Image is a tricky thing. What is the definition? When I ask a group of students this they generally come up with the same conclusion- body image is the way YOU think you look to the outside world. Wow, that is a tough thing to control! So in an effort to help us all feel more comfortable in the bodies we live in, how can we embrace them and love them more? Particularly since your friends don’t … [Read more...]

Clean Eating


Clean Eating By Bridget Loves I don’t believe in diets. I am a social pioneer as I am actually part of a movement to shift our focus away from dieting and even the word diet and instead focus on clean eating. How is clean eating different from a diet or from everyday eating? Well this is a conscious effort to learn where your food comes from and find out what is in it prior to putting it in your body. It is an ongoing exercise, where you … [Read more...]

Wealth Is Not A Static State…


ON TRUE PROSPERITY, WELL-BEING, AND CULTIVATING AN EVOLUTIONARY HEART~~~ by Christiane Schull ~~ "Wealth is not a static state. It is not something you get, have, and hoard. True wealth is something you create, enjoy, and share. It is a living experience, a state of being, something alive, meant to be felt and experienced with joy through the act of giving, circulating, receiving, sharing who and what you are in the world. The only way to … [Read more...]

Causes and Non Profits


Hello First Tuesday Members!  Who is going to share the first Causes and Non Profits blog post? I think a member from the amazing First Tuesday of LA Circle of Giving Team should put together a post about the incredible First Tuesday LA Circle of Giving Makeover from this year and we can make that our first entry.  If you were a member of the team, share in the comments what the opportunity to give meant to you and why someone should support … [Read more...]