Three Generations Of Gardening


What is it that was so special about that day—we were three generations gardening: sowing seeds, getting dirty, eating, drinking and laughing. We were mother, daughter, and granddaughter. Not just 3 generations, but three generations of women, and like life itself, we were represented in all our aspects: willowy young tree, just starting to form, with roots easing into the warm soil, head facing to the sun. The mature tree, trunk thick and … [Read more...]

Inviting Birds Into The Garden

salvia reduced

I was standing at my sink the other morning, when I saw it: this beautiful little bird, with black and white markings and a stunning yellow throat. Now, I don’t know what kind of bird it was, but I do know that seeing that bird absolutely delighted me. In some ways, it’s just common sense. Like every other creature, birds need three things: food, water, and shelter. If you can provide those things they will visit. All we need to do is … [Read more...]

Five Simple Tips to Change Your Life with Feng Shui


Feng Shui is the 3,000-year-old Chinese practice of arranging your environment to enhance your life. At first glance, Feng Shui may seem complex. However, Feng Shui philosophy is filled with common sense practices and simple techniques for creating a more prosperous, healthy and happy life. In fact, you will most likely find you are already intuitively practicing Feng Shui. Fundamentally, Feng Shui is about making a home that feels good – a home … [Read more...]

5 “Bad” Things That Are Actually Good For Your Skin


Five “Bad” Things That Are Actually Good for Your Skin By Rose Cole *Chocolate (yeah!): Women in a German study who downed a cocoa-rich drink daily – the equivalent of 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate – for 12 weeks experienced less dryness. Their skin also had better blood flow, which pinks your cheeks, and was more resistant to sun damage, thanks to all the antioxidants.. *Juicing: It gets a bad rap for the sugar, but the fresh squeezed … [Read more...]

Sustainability In Your Own Garden


Sustainability. Organic. Green. We hear those terms a lot these days. Unfortunately, those terms are now often used for marketing materials and sales tools, and so are losing some of their impact. The term sustainable can be defined as ‘development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.’ So, how does that apply to our own little corners of the earth? As I travel … [Read more...]

Tips to Planting Natives


It’s Spring!  It’s Spring!  Or at least it feels like Spring here in Southern California.  We’ve had winter rains and the weather is so deliciously warm that everywhere things are already starting to bud.  And I could feel that pull, almost primal in its urge, to start planting.  So I treated myself to a field trip to a new Native nursery, here in the heart of Los Angeles, ‘Grow Native,’ and went to town.  (Though he doesn’t know it yet, my … [Read more...]

‘It Ain’t Just Dirt’


If you were to take one teaspoon of dirt from your garden and dump it on a piece of paper to see what it was about, what might you see:  Sand, clay, a bit of root, the corner of a leaf.  Perhaps even an ant or pill bug might come crawling out.  But what you would not see are billions of bacteria, yards of fungus, thousands of protozoa and dozens of nematodes! “Egads!”  You might shriek, as you whipped that dirt away from you and vowed never to … [Read more...]

Carrot Fennel Soup

La Food Works Recipie for Carrot Fennel Soup

This delicious and beautifully simple recipe was introduce to me by LAFW's head chef, Rachael Narins.  It is based on an Alice Waters recipe from her Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook.  Make a visit to a farmer's market and look for the freshest and sweetest carrots you makes such a difference! Serving Size: 8 4 tablespoons  butter 1 onion -- sliced 2 fennel bulbs -- sliced 2 1/2 pounds  carrots -- peeled and sliced, about 6 cups salt -- … [Read more...]

Black Beans

LA Food Works: Recipes, Tips & Tricks from the Kitchen

I love this recipe for black beans!  I've played with it over the years and it has become a staple in my family.  My children love it and if you notice, I've snuck some veggies into the blend to give it even more nutritional value.  Serve it with steamed rice for a complete protein.  Serving it with a green salad and some corn tortillas is a great way to have a Vegan Meatless Monday. 1 tablespoon  olive oil 1 garlic -- minced 1 large  onion … [Read more...]

Waffle Brownies

This is a really fun recipe to make for dessert.  The batter looks kind of thick and funky when you finished blending all the ingredients.  It may feel like it just will not work, but put some scoops on your waffle iron, lower the top and let it cook.  Make sure to let them cool to crisp up a bit, then enjoy!  They are sooooo delicious!!!!  Great with ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge, sliced strawberries or bananas or just by themselves!"   … [Read more...]