What matters?


Last night I heard a friend had passed away.  She was my age.  After two months of surgery and great pain, the cancer got the best of her. As we spoke of her and the progression of her illness over cups of tea, the thing that struck me most was a story of how in her last days of delirium she played melodies in the air.  That visual, fingers moving in the shadows, playing a Mozart Concerto was hauntingly beautiful, and terribly painful. For … [Read more...]

“Worst to First”—the Power of Resilience

cropped mimi with book

One of the great things about sports is you can see the human condition ebb and flow in a microcosm lasting 60 minutes on the football clock (which we all know is not really 60 minutes) and interminable minutes on the baseball clock. We get to see one-year “turnarounds” where teams go from “worst to first.”   Many of my friends and I have bounced back from some of the worst business times in our lives. Just like sports … [Read more...]

Turtle On A Rock (Or Who Needs Multi-Tasking?)!

Turtles - B Kimmel

Turtle On A Rock (Or Who Needs Multi-Tasking?)! By Marianne Simon I am questioning when it became such a great skill to be able to multi-task. Maybe it is my age showing. Or maybe it’s just plain scary to watch a bike rider texting on their phone with one hand while taking a puff of a cigarette with the other. And for myself I know that when I eat lunch while entering my receipts in Quickbooks, I only up with a belly ache and grease all … [Read more...]

Swimming With Sharks: What I Learned From The Real Deal


Swimming with Sharks – What I Learned from the Real Deal By Marianne Simon They had warned us in advance we would be seeing sharks.  They told us we should all stay together, and under no circumstances, should we go adventuring on our own. From what I had seen so far on my vacation in Fiji no one had come back with missing limbs or blood dripping from wounds, so I had decided to be brave and go for it. I did not get off to a great … [Read more...]

The Leaning Feminist


The Leaning Feminist By Dr. Ramani Marissa Meyer, Sheryl Sandberg – we don’t play in the same sandbox by any stretch – but their wealth and visibility give them a chance to make noise about an issue that the rest of us continue to struggle with daily. Women getting ahead. Women having it all. Women leading. So why don’t we “lean in?” Lots of folks are weighing in on why we do, why we don’t, and, then come the old school debates on … [Read more...]

I AM SORRY: An Open Apology To The Men In My Life


I AM SORRY: An Open Apology To All The Men In My Life By Allison Mitchell The last few weeks I have had some of the most amazing, sincere conversations I have had in my whole life. All of the conversations ended in tears, which doesn't necessarily signify sincerity, but it does signify vulnerability. This has given me hope. The last few months in therapy I have been working on allowing myself to be vulnerable, allowing myself to have those … [Read more...]

The Risk Of Blooming


The Risk Of Blooming By Marianne Simon Last week I had four beautiful actresses sitting in my living room, reading excerpts from a performance piece I am developing, ‘Skins I have Worn.’ Six months ago I could not have imagined that as a reality. Anais Nin once wrote, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” I love this quote, because it so perfectly expresses the … [Read more...]

Sacred Summer Hike to Topanga


They say that First Tuesday meetings are different than most.  And this summer hike up in Topanga was no exception.  Fifteen women, accompanied by the howls of the coyotes and the dance of a dozen fireflies, made their way up to a plateau in Topanga Canyon to experience the setting sun and the joy of sisterhood. We stood hand in hand, taking in the scent and sounds of the mountain, allowing that connection to seep into our souls.  It was the … [Read more...]

Day #2: Celebrate YOUR Brilliance!

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=IdfKo7O-8wQ width=640 height=480 anchor=http://www.30daysofbrilliance.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/video_image-copy.jpg] Are YOU brilliant? Yes -- the answer is YES! As Chief Woohoo Woman at Woohoo, Inc, I believe that each and every one of us has something truly Brilliant to share with the world. I call it Your Woohoo Within™. It’s that innate greatness divinely downloaded into you and you alone. Whether … [Read more...]

Day #1: What’s Your Woohoo?

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=fePpbHqqHY8 width=640 height=480 anchor=http://www.30daysofbrilliance.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/video_image-copy.jpg] So what’s YOUR Woohoo!? Each and every woman I’ve ever worked with, whether we were working on her business, her love life, or a combination of the two, had something really special she wanted to share with the world. Today, I want to speak specifically about your professional … [Read more...]