Clean Eating

Clean Eating
By Bridget Loves

I don’t believe in diets. I am a social pioneer as I am actually part of a movement to shift our focus away from dieting and even the word diet and instead focus on clean eating.

How is clean eating different from a diet or from everyday eating? Well this is a conscious effort to learn where your food comes from and find out what is in it prior to putting it in your body. It is an ongoing exercise, where you are in charge of investigating everything you put into your body. Or really your temple or machine.

This isn’t actually as hard as it seems, but it does take a conscious effort. Meaning the usual thoughts and routines you have regarding food, have to stop for a moment each time you prepare to eat something (or buy something). How does this work in today’s busy world? Well, I think it is something that you should focus your time on. We don’t just take our cars to get gas and put anything in them do we? No you have to take a moment to choose the gas which is right for your car. It is the same for your body. Just because another body is putting in Diesel, that doesn’t mean it is okay for you.

I suggest simply stopping and reading the label of your food for the contents. Taking note of ingredients and things like Protein and Carbohydrates. I personally recommend eating 2 Carbohydrates to 1 Protein, this helps to balance blood sugar. So this is a helpful exercise when you think you are already eating something uber healthy. And then you find out it was all carbs and you burnt out earlier than expected. Or vice versa.

I think you should watch the movie Food Inc. to understand the industrialization of the food in our world. This helped me to stop eating meat cold. Even when the book Skinny Bitch didn’t, this one showed me exactly what is going on. And I felt compelled to stop eating based on feel good messages or packaging.

Overall think of this as a way to be kind to yourself. It is not a diet or any sort of deprivation plan. Instead just know you are consuming a whole can full of hard to pronounce ingredients in that can of Diet Coke you drink three times a day. And think about it. Is that making you feel good? Are you okay with that? I was okay with that for a long time. Then I woke up and decided to read the can every single time I drank it and suddenly I decided to try stuff like Vitamin Water 10 and Club Soda. I feel more relaxed when I drink those because I know what is in them.

So give it a try and don’t forget to push yourself. This is not a diet at all. It is simply improving the quality of the things you put in your body. And I promise this will make you feel better.

Bridget Loves

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