Destroy Toxic Thoughts With 3 Easy Steps

Destroy Toxic Thoughts with 3 Easy Steps!
By Micaela “Bubola” Passeri

There are studies out there that suggest the mind generates 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Of those, about 80% are negative. We dwell on the past, worry about the future, cling to ideas of who we are, worry about who said what or what they’ll think. Many of these thoughts are nonsense, a product of what many call the “monkey mind”.

The “monkey mind” is a Buddhist term describing a constant stream of ineffective, inner chatter.
Words associated with this term are:

• unsettled
• restless
• capricious
• whimsical
• fanciful
• inconstant
• confused
• indecisive
• uncontrollable

Do any of these words resemble your day-to-day experience?

So how do we cope with these constant, negative, non-serving thoughts in order to feel good, be happy and fully enjoy life? There are 3 easy steps you can take to manage the dreaded monkey mind:

1.) LISTEN: Be conscious of your thoughts. When becoming aware of negative inner dialogue, observe it without judgment or interpretation. Find a quiet place after reading this, close your eyes and practice observing your thought patterns.

2.) THANK THEM THROUGH: Thank the negative thoughts for showing up and trying to help. This trick allows you to diminish any chance of attachment to thoughts that don’t benefit your life. Without attachment, the non-serving thoughts can then “pass through” but not dwell in your mind. This is done by literally saying the words “thank you”. This is a good habit to get into anyway.

3.) LET THEM LEAVE: Let the thought go, really, let it go. They are not you and do not define you, so let them go.

Too many times we think that what we’re thinking is real, but in reality most of what we think isn’t. So by observing the mind and allowing thoughts to flow in and out we create a sense of peace and ease we don’t usually have when unaware of our negative thought patterns. The mind is a powerful tool. If used in a positive way, you are free to enjoy it the way it should be. Be real, be true to you and those you love.

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