Do I Really Want It?

Do I Really Want It?
By Marianne Simon

As I handed over my credit card in answer to Loral Langemeier’s call to join their team and commit to wealth, I did so with a strange sense of calm.  A sense that it was just time.

Over the past few weeks I’d been hearing her question a lot:  Are you committed?  Do you really want this?  Are you ready to bring on your full game?  And each time I would think ‘Well, yes – but …’  There was always a hesitancy, always a standing at the brink, not quite willing to give it my all.  And so as I handed over my card I had to ask myself what was the difference this time? I had worked with some fantastic coaches who had gotten me to this point, but I could feel the doubts, quiet and devious drifting in.  How was I actually going make the full changes I claimed I wanted?

MarianneSimon.Oak TreeWhat hit me was I had to answer that question honestly – Did I Really Want It?  Because if I didn’t I might as well just forget it.  I’d find a hundred excuses – valid in my mind, why I couldn’t quite reach the brass ring.  So I decided this morning was a really good a time to answer it honestly – with an ‘in your face’ – ‘what’s the truth’ – kind of answer.

The first answer that came up was the wealth piece – I was so ready for a life of abundance, of having more than enough, of feeling a sense of expansion and freedom when it came to money.  Though that answer  was true, I needed to go deeper.

So I asked myself what if I believed it was truly in me to make my vision a reality.

What if, in playing big, in going full in, I could stand for the women.  I could stand for the women who had forgotten their voice.  Or were afraid it was too loud.  Or, who, whenever they spoke, were surprised that the sound came out so quietly because it was roaring inside.

What if, in playing big, I could become a significant counterweight to the abuse of the earth?  What if in the power of my business and my money, I could give major support to ending the fracking, the mountain topping, the toxic solutions to our problems.  What if in my power, I could help shift this deadly carelessness and disrespect towards the planet?

And what if, in playing big, I could help sway this world back towards health, towards care, towards love and respect?  Wouldn’t that be worth it?

As I wrote down these answers, I could feel the chills running up and down my body.  The spirit in me was bubbling and expanding with ‘Yes, my love.  Yes!’  That was why, that was why.

And so this time around, I realized it would be different.  This time, as I joined a new family that I could grow and play with, a family of teammates and mentors, I would be coming from a different place.  This time I was opening my heart to my calling and saying ‘yes.’

What is it that you really want?

MarianneSimon.1Marianne is the founder of Speak Your Passion, a company dedicated to helping us reclaim our voices and speaking for those who have none. Her business helps speakers create passionate presentations that inspire action so they can step out onto the stage with more confidence and authenticity. With 20 years experience as an actor, director and writing, and 12 years as a landscape designer, she blends her passion for self-expression with a fierce love of nature. For more info, contact her at 310-399-4899 /

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