Five Steps for Creating Empowered Strategy

Get_it_on_iTunes_Badge_US_1114-02When it comes to breaking old habits, sometimes I struggle to get out of my own way. Or worse, I make decisions too quickly and find myself in the same situation further down the road. It’s frustrating and would make me feel powerless.

Last year, I started paying attention to my own decision-making process and figured out five steps to improve it and my life. And what a difference it has made!

Just five steps:

  1. Stop
  2. Pause
  3. Decide
  4. Proceed
  5. Commit

I believe in this five-step process so much that I devoted my latest podcast episode to the steps and think every single one of us would benefit. So here you go.

Just click on this link to listen to the episode, called “Five Steps for Creating Empowered Strategy” >>>


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