Holistic Brand Strategy: How to Visualize Content

Publishing original online content is an excellent way to raise awareness of your company and services among your target audience. Visualizing that content so that shines on platforms like blogs and social media increases the probability that people will read and share that content; multiplying thedid you know visual content number of eyeballs by factors of ten and even greater. That’s the stuff that grows a customer base and your business. But visualizing content can seem overwhelming if you’re like the majority of people who don’t have a design degree. So, what happens when it falls on your plate?  Either you’re suddenly grappling back to the vague memory of a Photoshop class you took in college or begging a friend’s computer-guru son to do it for you. Not exactly sophisticated marketing strategy. Well, the good news is 2016 will be another great year demanding visual content and you can easily be a part of that story.

The proliferation of easy-to-use tools like www.canva.com and Adobe Creative Cloud subscription model have made it possible for non-designers to dabble and produce beautiful digital content for the first time in their careers. But the majority would tell you time – not technology – has become the biggest hurdle to overcome. I feel you.

Well, the first thing you could do is hire a strategist like me. But if you’re keen to jump into the visualizing party, then I’d like to help you out there a little if I could. There are countless ways to turn your stories into something visual and here are four rules I encourage my clients to follow to get them going quickly by first thinking strategically. Whether it’s creating visual content for the first time, or kicking it up a notch, I firmly believe every single one of you are great storytellers and I hope these tips give you the fire in your belly to try it for yourselves.

Ready? OK.

Every piece of visual content – from a brochure to a post to a pin – should:

  • Use emotional imagery – hint: positive emotion creates more engagement
  • Share (real) compelling data – hint: use recent data to punctuate your larger point
  • Include a call to action – hint: don’t forget to tell people to visit your website or where to easily contact you
  • Optimize your content for mobile – hint: most people view content via mobile devices, so less is more especially on smaller screens

There’s so much more to it, but this should give a jumping-off point. As my way of paying it forward, I’ve created a free “How to Visualize Content” Infographic you can download, along with an exclusive two-part podcast in my Insights Gallery. Please enjoy that and other free content with my compliments. And happy designing!


Jessica Payne is a trusted brand strategy and digital marketing consultant based in Los Angeles. She uses Holistic Brand Strategy to bring together online content, channels and communities to create unique and powerful engagement for her clients. Jessica firmly believes that manifesting a thriving brand or business in today’s economy requires thinking more holistically than ever about what success actually looks like. The first place to start is by delivering sublime experiences every single time.  Find out more at www.strategyforimpact.com 


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