How To Seduce Your Next Buyer, Client Or Student Via Radio


How To Seduce Your Next Buyer, Client Or Student Via Radio

By Jackie Lapin

If you are a non-fiction author, you will want to rev up your publicity efforts around the launch of your book. One of the most effective tools is radio—both internet and broadcast.

Sing StarAs the head of company that offers Personal Development Radio Media Tours for authors in the personal growth, self-help, spiritual or health genre, we have really grown to love internet radio because it generally provides the author one full hour to not only sell their book, but everything else in their funnel—audio programs, teleseminars, coaching programs and the like. This sure beats the five minutes you’ll get on broadcast radio.

But one of the most overlooked opportunities is the art of getting people to go to your website to opt into your mailing list during an interview. If you can’t sell them a book in the interview, this is the next best thing. And if you’re really successful, you’ll get them to buy (even if it’s on Amazon) AND opt-in.

So how can you slip this in during a radio show? Offer the listeners something they want! But they have to sign up for it first.

Here are some items you can seduce them with:

  • A free consultation
  • A series of video tips
  • A written list of 10 or more valuable tips
  • A survey or quiz
  • An audio download (possibly from a teleseminar, or one of your products)
  • A guided meditation
  • A free report or white paper
  • An emailed daily dose of your wisdom or expertise
  • A newsletter
  • A free chapter of your new book
  • A free ebook
  • A digital copy of a previously published book that is no longer selling
  • An aspirational image, something that will help them visualize a better future for themselves
  • A chart that helps them see where they fit
  • A personalized product (such as an astrological chart) based on information they submit
  • A useful digital tool for their advancement
  • The revelation of some little known compelling facts or photos (exclusively factor)
  • Free membership in a club or organization
  • Free original music related to your subject matter
  • Free interviews with other experts in your field that you may have interviewed
  • Free reviews of products
  • Something silly and fun that’s highly viral!the world is listening

You’ll want to have the opt-in lure set up before you start your radio tour. While sometimes the host will create an opening and invite you to mention your offer, more often than not you’ll have to slip it in. You can do that by saying something like, “and if you go to my website (name the site), you can get….”  Or “if you liked what we are discussing here, you can get more at (name the site) for free!”

So use your time on the air wisely and never forget to extend your invitational calling card to the audience!


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