Improving Body Image

Improving Body Image
By Bridget Loves

Body Image is a tricky thing. What is the definition? When I ask a group of students this they generally come up with the same conclusion- body image is the way YOU think you look to the outside world. Wow, that is a tough thing to control!

So in an effort to help us all feel more comfortable in the bodies we live in, how can we embrace them and love them more? Particularly since your friends don’t love because of your jeans size or how you look. They love you for the whole package your inner beauty and spirit. And you may think they love you for being a size 4, but ask them. I promise they don’t.

A few ways to help yourself feel more comfortable in your skin are:

1. Stop focusing on numbers. Our society loves to focus on numbers, so this is a pioneer like effort. But don’t weight yourself (even in WiiFit), worry or even look at clothing sizes (in existing clothes or new clothes)- wear what fits period, worry about BMI- this is a highly controversial measurement and the experts I work with are highly against BMI as a useful measurement, worry about fat grams and other silly things we did in the 90’s only to become the most obese society on earth (it didn’t work).

2.Cut out photos of people who look similar to you, your body type, skin tone, hair type, etc. Put these on a large piece of posterboard and look at this often. Pick out things you like about these people, then see them in yourself.

3.Dress your best. Taking care of yourself by styling your hair, wearing makeup and dressing nicely is a huge self esteem booster. Plus you will get compliments on your styling efforts and that will make you feel good.

4. Be vocal about your choice to embrace yourself without using numbers and calorie counts. I call this NO BODY BASHING. When someone around you complains about their thighs, simply say, “I would appreciate it if you don’t body bash around me. I love you just the way you are”. They will probably be shocked. But practice makes perfect. And as highly intelligent people surely you have more to talk about than your thighs.

Have questions about this? Worried you need to lose 10 pounds to feel good? Go to the library or jump on Amazon there is a whole world of information out there set to help you feel good as you are. And try to stop buying into the numbers game. It is a twisted part of our society that will definitely change in the future with the new generation.

Bridget Loves

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