Looking at the bigger impact we make

Now, it’s no secret that most of us went into business to help people. Entrepreneurs are an extremely generous folk. We notice that something is upsetting, challenging, or just plain inconvenient for people and we set out to create a product or a program or a service to fix things.

Innovation and creativity are beautiful things in the hands of an entrepreneur with a vision.

world in hands

So I must put this out there: the Earth needs this support from us now. After finishing Reunion, I was struck by how large corporate enterprises have taken over and limited our choices of what we eat, what we can buy, and the impact these choices have on the world.

We are a force to be reckoned with. Most of us are very aware of what happened to the economy under the watch of large businesses left to run rampant after their goals of expansion because the impact of that has been staring us in the face the past few years. There have been countless books on the topic and many of us have been creative enough to launch amazing businesses in this climate that have given people work in tough times and that is already starting to turn the tide.

It is amazing to me that there hasn’t been the same attention given to what these same sorts of companies have been doing to the food we eat, the air we breathe and our water supply with the same sorts of motives. It is harder to see the impact on our world. The air in LA speaks for itself, but many of us didn’t know that on any given day, 20% of our pollution in LA comes from the industrial boom in China. We must look at the cost of our choices on more than just the economy now.

I believe in the entrepreneur and what we can do. I believe that when we put our attention and focus on an issue, we find solutions and put them into action.

Please read Reunion, and put your thinking cap on about what you can do from where you are standing. We all need you. We all need us.

Let’s start sharing ideas in the comments now!

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