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Kristin Whitelaw

Have you been feeling disconnected from yourself, from life? Are you searching for inner peace, fulfillment, passion and purpose? Do you want to live your life as who "you" are rather than who you think you should be or others want you to be? I offer a unique approach to help you make changes that truly transform your life. I help you face emotional and/or spiritual challenges - release anxiety, heal relationships, dissolve negative patterns, understand and 'know' who 'You' are and find purpose and true meaning in your life. You can now live the life you were meant to live! My approach integrates traditional, cross-cultural and transpersonal techniques, using a variety of approaches to resolve difficult issues and create transformation. These include inner child exploration, deep relaxation and stress release, greater consciousness awareness techniques, cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy, guided visualization and ceremony to heal and connect on the deepest level. I have a private office with abundant parking in Redondo Beach and offer phone and Skype appointments for long distance clients. I also provide powerful healing through group retreats in a beautiful, natural environment. Discover your true self, feel inspired, live the life you were meant to live!

Website: http://www.drkristinwhitelaw.com

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