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Elizabeth England is co-owner of Longevity Pure Medicine, a distributor of user-friendly homeopathic combination remedies–safe alternatives to over-the-counter drugs. www.LongevityPureMedicine.com. Elizabeth is also a partner in SacredPowerJewels.com. Elizabeth’s Wisdom Keeper project provides campaign reporting for documentary filmmakers through From The Heart Productions. The Wisdom Keeper project is dedicated to ensuring the knowledge of the ‘Wisdom Keepers’ among us is shared by providing gifted cultural creatives with technical, social media, and digital content consultation and support. Wisdom Keeper advocates for treasuring and deepening our relationship to our spiritual nature and to our planet through supporting Ocean-Nation.org, a social media community of citizens of the earth spreading the urgent need to love, cherish and rescue our oceans now. A 17-year military veteran, is active in Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt’s Veterans’ PTSD Project, at www.BrainBodyBliss.com.

Website: http://www.SacredPowerJewels.com

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