A born medium, Sandra has shared guidance from Divine Beings since she was three and a near death experience at 18 further activated her spiritual gifts. When her mother died her academic education ended as she jumped in to run her parents’ fashion boutiques, which she helped sell two years later. At 20 she opened her own business and became a self-made millionaire by 29 with an award-winning chain of fashion boutiques. Sandra knew enlightenment and wholeness was the key to ending suffering - her own and everyone else’s. She has spent decades working with enlightenment gurus, energy masters, spiritual mentors and teachers and success coaches to deepen her own state of enlightenment, love and joy. Sandra has trained top executives, success coaches and transformational leaders to unblock the unconscious programs that sabotage relationships and their ability to get to the next level of success. For 30 years she has taught, empowered and inspired thousands of people around the world to live a more aware, mindful, enlightened and passionate life - a life filled with more love, meaning and purpose.


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