Mentor Ring Takes Flight

One moment it is a whisper of an idea.  The next it is a bunch of folks sitting in a living room, the vision taking shape and moving forward.

There were twelve of us that evening, sitting appropriately, in a circle; the first incarnation of the Mentor Ring.  We were a group of women and men committed to the idea of giving back, paying it forward.  All of us were busy, with more than enough on our plates, but for some reason when the call went out, we responded.

For some, service had always been a part of their lives, either as Big Sisters, or as founders of non-profits.  For others, they had felt blessed with life’s fortunes and wanted to give thanks in a tangible way.  And still for others, it was a time of transition and change in their lives, and when the call out went out for Mentors, their hearts responded ‘yes.’

The idea evolved as the next logical step to First Tuesday’s Circle of Giving Home Makeover, a program that worked with individual families in need to improve their living situations.  What we found was that the makeover was only the first step in making long lasting shifts towards prosperity, health and education.  At First Tuesday, we had women who were passionate, generous and willing to share their time and experience to work with the families on a one-on-one basis.   Whether it was in career and financial management, nutrition, or creativity and the arts, they wanted to help.

But as much as the Mentor Ring was about service and giving back to the community, it was also a way for we, as Mentors, to forge stronger bonds with each other.  I watched as we stood around talking and eating: animated, excited, connecting.  It was what we, as women, do best.  And from this powerful brew of passion and love amazing things would come forth.

So this first step was huge.  After months of starts and stops, we were underway.   We had put our heads together to put our very best foot forward, but we knew this was a work in progress.  And as the saying goes, ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’  Lord knows what can happen when a bunch of women put their minds to it.  So I have no doubt that the Mentor Ring will evolve and shift; elements will be added or removed, things will blossom and flourish.  And that is what makes it so exciting.

In two weeks, the Mentors and the Mentees will come together for the first time.  And the vision will shift again, as new ideas and energies converge and blend into the ring.  The circle will grow bigger, and stronger; the weaving of our lives more intricate and delicious.   Who knows what will emerge from our coming together this way, and how very exciting to step forward on this new journey with them all.

Marianne Simon
Poetic Plantings

First Tuesday About First Tuesday

First Tuesday is a Professional and Social Network for Extraordinary Women. Gatherings are held in private homes or public venues on the first Tuesday of each month. Each evening includes unstructured social time, dinner, networking and a program on subjects that span the mind, body and spirit. Newcomers are welcome to join us!

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