Out of the Mouth of Babes…

When my God son was in 1st grade I went to visit him  and his mom.  After playing with horses he got an allergy attack and we quickly wisked him in the car to get some over the counter relief.   While his mom was in the store getting some medicine dear 7 year old Michael was looking out the window and said,
“Do you know what?”
“What?” I replied.
“What we say we create”.
“Really” I said…..”tell me what you mean”  (I couldn’t wait to hear this…!).
“Well,  If I tell my body to be scared then I can’t breathe, but if I tell myself ….’it’s ok….i’m ok’…….then I take deep breadths and feel better.”
“Wow” I said…..”you really do have the choice of what you tell yourself….and it makes a difference right?”
“Yea” Michael said……..and then continued…….”Like on the playground……Matthew was being mean to Jessica and she started to cry.  But then I told her…..’Jessica…..don’t cry, I used to be upset when Matthew was mean to me, but now I realize……he’s just troubled’.
By this time I feel tears of awe starting to form…..and there was more.  He looked at me……
“I don’t have to play with him but I can still have compassion for him”.
I told Michael…….”Oh honey…..if you get that already your life is going to be so much easier and more joyful”.
This is one of my all time stories……out of a 1st grader…..learning what real love is all about.
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