Policies and Procedures

As a new member of First Tuesday I have been informed and agree to the following Policies & Procedures:

Membership is for one year and is transferable but not cancellable.

Cancellation Policy for First Tuesday events: Regarding the “First Tuesday” event…once my RSVP is on record, I need to cancel 48 hours before event. If I no show or late cancel I will be responsible for for paying for my event ticket.

Promotion of Events:
Many First Tuesday events will be photographed and videotaped. Each time I RSVP to an event, I am also giving my permission and consent to use any image of myself for PR, or Promotion Purposes on our Website or other medium.

Yahoo Network:
Our on line network is for members to share information, inspiration, and support with other members. If I would like to promote one of my business events or offerings I understand that I can freely share & send this information out for a maximum of 2x per event. I also have been instructed NOT TO HIT “REPLY” when my message is intended for one other member, to avoid my message getting distributed to whole network.

Blog Entries: I understand that as a member I can submit and upload to our blog and that I can conclude my entries with a link to my url. I have been informed, however, that this is not the forum to advertise my business. It is used to contribute fresh and valuable content to our community and the public.

I have been fully informed, understand, and agree to all of these policies and procedures explained above.

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