Create Your Gravatar Profile Photo

What is Gravatar?  It is a globally recognized avatar.  Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site?  Other services that utilize gravatar are blogger, facebook, flickr, foursquare, friendfeed, goodreads, google profiles, gowalla, linkedin, myspace, posterous, tripit, tumblr, twitter, vimeo, wordpress, yahoo, youtube and many, many other services that independently integrate gravatar into their websites.
Step by Step Instructions to Create Your Gravatar
A Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar. It is a picture or icon that is associated with your email address and can be pulled in from different websites, like Mom Einstein and many blogs. It is a useful way for other users to recognize you visually and remember you more easily. Here are step by step instructions on how to create a gravatar of your own:1. Go to Gravatar’s signup page.Enter the email address you wish to use for your Gravatar and click “Signup”.2. Gravatar will send you a confirmation email to that email address. Once you get the confirmation email with the subject “Welcome to Gravatar”, click on the link within the email.

3. Your browser will open a page stating that your account has been activated. On this page, select a username and password, then click “Signup”.

4. Add an image to your Gravatar account by clicking “Add one by clicking here!” on the **Manage Gravatars** page. You can use a picture or an image of your creation for your Gravatar.

5. Choose the location of your image. You can upload a file from your hard drive, use an image on the internet, take a picture using a webcam, or use a previously uploaded image. I will demonstrate uploading a file from the hard drive.

6. Browse to the image’s location on your hard drive and select the image, then click “Next”.

7. Crop your photo using the box. Note that your image must be a square. Once you have cropped the image, click “Crop and Finish”.

8. Choose a rating for your Gravatar. Gravatars can be rated G, PG, R, or X. Different websites can restrict which Gravatars are shown by their rating. It’s a good idea to have a G or PG rating to maximize the websites your Gravatar will be shown on.

Voila! You now have a Gravatar! You can also add a new email or a new image to associate with your Gravatar account. Your Gravatar should be displayed on Mom Einstein within 24 hours.

You will want to take a few minutes and complete your Gravatar Profile.  Here is a great example of a completed Gravatar Profile.  I’ve created a step by step tutorial on creating your Gravatar Profile.

If you have questions, check the FAQ Page.

Gravatar Hovercards will also be enabled.  Click here to learn more about Hovercards.