Sacred Summer Hike to Topanga

They say that First Tuesday meetings are different than most.  And this summer hike up in Topanga was no exception.  Fifteen women, accompanied by the howls of the coyotes and the dance of a dozen fireflies, made their way up to a plateau in Topanga Canyon to experience the setting sun and the joy of sisterhood.
We stood hand in hand, taking in the scent and sounds of the mountain, allowing that connection to seep into our souls.  It was the witching hour, the blue hour, the hour when the windows between worlds softens for a while.  We could not have asked for a more perfect evening.

I was privileged to serve as a guide for this portion of the evening and so began with a grounding exercise.  ‘Breathe in, breathe out.  Take in the smell of the mountains. Listen to the sounds of the birds joining our circle, notice the feel of the warm sun on your arms.’

She was with us;  there was no distinction between the earth and these women.  Each breath we took in was a breath the earth let out.  For 4 billion years she had breathed us.  Nothing wasted, nothing lost.  It was the breath of Shakespeare, of Da Vinci, of Cleopatra.  And it filled us.

Afterwards we paired off and took a few minutes to share with our partners a vision we wanted to manifest.  The key was to describe it as if it was already a fact, already coming into being.  Then in silence, our partner mirrored back to us the essence of what we were envisioning.

The blue hour shifted quickly and the sky was darkening as we started our last exercise.  Once again we gathered in a circle and began to gently clap to the beat of our hearts, the pulse of the earth.  Then at our own pace, we softly we added the chant, ‘I’m coming home.’  To listen to the women singing and clapping, to drink in the smell of the mountains I knew that I could feel, certainly in my own spirit, that all was perfect in the world.

Then one by one, each woman took a gift of mountain sage and placed it in the lap of the Lady who had stood watch, a Native American statue standing under an ancient oak.   We asked for her blessings and left our dream-infused sage as an offering.  Then we traipsed on down the mountain to an abundance of food and laughter for the second part of the evening at Cari’s Shaefer’s house.

This portion of the gathering was Cari’s offering to First Tuesday.  As we sat in a circle in her beautiful home, munching on a feast of healthy yummies, she shared with us her experiences with manifesting and how she had finally found a way of creating her true heart’s desire.

At one time as a homework assignment, she had written up several visions:  one for a life partner, the second for the home of her dreams.  That evening we sat witness to how amazingly powerful her manifestations had been as we delighted in the welcoming environment that was her home in Topanga, and greeted her wonderful loving partner.

The key, she shared, was in writing your dreams in terms of the experience you wanted to have, rather than the laundry list of accomplishments desired.  It was important to imagine how you wanted to feel in that perfect relationship, rather than just what you wanted your partner to be like.

The power lay in the way one imagined feeling, focusing on the experience more than the details of what it looked like.  So for example, the power of envisioning $150,000 was not in the actual amount, but in the feeling you imagined that amount of money would give you.  In the end if we manifested 150,000 dollars but it was because a loved one passed away, we were probably not getting what we wanted.  Rather, it would be more successful if we imagined how the money might makes us feel happy, safe or free.   The second suggestion was to base a portion of the vision on what we currently believed was possible, and a portion of it on what pushed our boundaries of potential.

It was late as we made our way out the door into the cooling Topanga air.  We were replete with food and kinship; our fingers still smelling of mountain sage.
I made my way carefully down the mountain, thinking to myself  how destiny had shifted just a bit as each one of those glorious women offered their gifts to the earth and began manifesting the most beautiful of visions.

Aah.  What glories were set in motion that evening in Topanga.

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