How To Seduce Your Next Buyer, Client Or Student Via Radio

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How To Seduce Your Next Buyer, Client Or Student Via Radio By Jackie Lapin If you are a non-fiction author, you will want to rev up your publicity efforts around the launch of your book. One of the most effective tools is radio—both internet and broadcast. As the head of company that offers Personal Development Radio Media Tours for authors in the personal growth, self-help, spiritual or health genre, we have really grown to love internet … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Create Massive Success Next Year


I think that Lisa Larter is one of the most knowledgeable and savvy social media experts in the market place. She is someone to know and to learn from for all entrepreneurs and business owners. Really liked her no no-non-sense approach to setting clear and effective business goals for yourself in the new year.... Thank you Lisa! Marcy Do you want next year to bring your increased sales, connections, fulfillment and success? Ten Ways … [Read more...]

My 21-Day “I Stop Complaining!” Challenge

Christine Lewicki's 21 Day Stp Complaining Challenge

For my American readers this is the U.S version of the article featured in Marie Claire French Magazine this summer!  I wanted to share this article with you because it truly reflects my journey and some of the biggest lessons that I received when I did my  "I Stop Complaining" challenge which gave birth to a blog & book called “J’Arrête de Râler” or “ I Stop Complaining!” newly launched in English! Let’s … [Read more...]

Are You Looking At The Big Picture?


You Don’t Have to Try SO HARD if You Look at the Big Picture I talked to a client recently who was telling me that she was completely lost because people everywhere were telling her: You should start a blog; you should be on Twitter; you should start a Yahoo group; you should have a list; you should do teleseminars, ... She asked me: What should I do??? My answer was, “ Don't do ANYTHING until you are sure that what you are doing makes sense … [Read more...]

Putting Yourself Out There And Feeling Invisible?


Putting Yourself Out There and Feeling Invisible? I am in direct contact with entrepreneurs a lot. I am listening to you. I am hearing you. And I feel the Pain. I feel the pain of not having enough clients. I feel the pain of putting yourself out there and feeling invisible. I feel the pain of feeling like the only solution is to work harder, try more stuff, do more…. I’ve heard from many of you that you are really frustrated because so … [Read more...]