Holistic Brand Strategy: How to Visualize Content

did you know visual content

Publishing original online content is an excellent way to raise awareness of your company and services among your target audience. Visualizing that content so that shines on platforms like blogs and social media increases the probability that people will read and share that content; multiplying the number of eyeballs by factors of ten and even greater. That's the stuff that grows a customer base and your business. But visualizing content can seem … [Read more...]

Help me, Book Doctor!


Fortunately, I don't prescribe pills in order to make books. At the Book Doctor, we are all about prescribing books in order to cure everything else. Knowledge is power, after all. And, given that nearly everyone who comes to my house leaves with a book, it felt like the right thing to open the floodgates to everyone. We got great feedback on Facebook, even including the highest of praises, "Momma likes" as a response the announcement of … [Read more...]

I will tell you what to read returns! Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Posted  by Caroline Donahue I realize that I am just a bit behind on promoting this book as it came out in the Spring. However, I did pre-order it and then it sat, happily holding onto its joyful message, until this past Friday when I decided to tackle it. I think tackle is the wrong word entirely after the fact as it was such a delight to read this. I can't recommend you grab your own copy highly enough... Tony Hsieh … [Read more...]