A Knock At The Door


Described by the filmmaker as follows: "Our first inspirational mini-film has caused a small, unexpected international sensation. Thank you to all 1,000,000+ viewers who've seen it and the thousands of letters we've received in response! We're overjoyed so many of you are touched, encouraged, inspired." … [Read more...]

The Power Of Pause


I believe that 95% of conflict stems simply from miscommunication and misunderstanding. As a result, I don't get my emotional feathers ruffled too often anymore. Rather, I have learned to PAUSE before responding when there is a problem, disappointment or conflict. Let me be clear, thought, that his "aha" in my own life took time. In the name of being "in my truth," I used to think I had to express myself quickly -- and often -- and I did so … [Read more...]

Are You In Your Ego Or Your Spirit?


We can make one of two choices in walking through out day......We can live in our ego, or be guided by our spirit. Our ego reacts, while our spirit listens. Our ego interprets, while our spirit is open. Our ego personalizes, while our spirit remains objective and neutral. Our ego judges, while our spirit IS compassion. Our ego runs with fear, while our spirit is fueled by faith. When you find yourself thinking, feeling or acting in a way that … [Read more...]

The Power Of Apology


Have you ever had an argument with your spouse, and you literally do not know how you are going to recover from it? I remember having one of those with my now darling husband when we were dating. I went to bed, with him in the other room, thinking "I have no idea how to get out of this. I can't find anything to apolgize for on this one!" I prayed that he would be able to reflect and figure this out for both of us this time. Thankfully, … [Read more...]

Where Does Your Pride Lie?


When my niece was 13 years old, I called her after a school play to ask her how it went. "It was great" she exclaimed....."I was really proud of my performance!" When my sister got on the phone I told her how amazing I thought it was that my niece, at an age when young girls are dimming their light to be accepted and not perceived as "conceited"........ could really celebrate and acknowledge herself. She told me something that I vowed to share … [Read more...]

Finding Your Beloved And Keeping Your Love Alive


http://vimeo.com/20225606 Wygant Productions Women's Seminar Los Angeles - November, 2009 … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Rekindle Your Vows And Rebirth Your Relationship


1):  FROM MERGER TO INTEGRATION:   MAKE ROOM FOR “I”: Your partner fell in love with YOU, not “we”.   No offense to “Jerry Maguire,” but the goal is not for your partner to “complete” you. It’ about being connected AND separate. It is from this place we connect with our inner source of love within, allowing for greater flow to share with our lover. Our partnership then enhances our life versus defining it. MAKE ROOM FOR “WE” Integration is … [Read more...]