Ripples In A Pond


I think I was struck most by the thought that the glimmer of an idea that came to me literally as I was washing my hands at a First Tuesday meeting, would have manifested itself a year later, living and breathing with unknown pulsing potential. In March of 2011, First Tuesday launched the Mentor Ring, with its vision of connecting First Tuesday members with women and children in need of support. Our first group of mentees were two families … [Read more...]

Mentor Ring Takes Flight

One moment it is a whisper of an idea.  The next it is a bunch of folks sitting in a living room, the vision taking shape and moving forward. There were twelve of us that evening, sitting appropriately, in a circle; the first incarnation of the Mentor Ring.  We were a group of women and men committed to the idea of giving back, paying it forward.  All of us were busy, with more than enough on our plates, but for some reason when the call went … [Read more...]