Accidental Joy

guitar 2

Guitar classes.  My husband gave me a series at McCabe's for Christmas this year.  I haven’t played since I was in college but was inspired to pick it back up again after all this time. It is definitely harder on this old brain to make it all work – fingering and plucking and reading and rhythm.  But it is a fantastic reminder that it is diligence and persistence that make the difference, because at each class we are all a little … [Read more...]

The Beauty Of Being On Your True Path…


ON TRUE PROSPERITY, WELL-BEING, AND CULTIVATING AN EVOLUTIONARY HEART~~~ by Christiane Schull ~~ "The beauty of being on your TRUE path is that you are released into your Joy. You don't steal joy from yourself any longer by judging yourself or comparing your path to others. It just doesn't happen -- in fact, if you do those things, it is because you are not on your true path....Being in your truth, engaged passionately in what you love, … [Read more...]