Are you in Your Ego or Spirit?


We can make one of 2 choices in walking through out day......we can live in our ego, or be guided by our spirit.  Our ego reacts, while our spirit listens.  Our ego interprets, while our spirit is open.    Our ego personalizes, while our spirit remains objective and neutral.  Our ego judges while our spirit IS  compassion.  Our ego runs with fear, while our spirit is fueled by faith. When you find yourself thinking, feeling or acting in a way … [Read more...]

What message did you receive today?


Listen up for synchronicities......when you hear something,  listen. If it comes up twice listen UP. If it comes up 3x well you might have a slight bruise on you for being "knocked up the head"! Here was mine ...... it was my last session with a client who I adored working with.  She told me that what she learned most in our time together is summed up in a quote she loves: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass ... it's about … [Read more...]