Have You Ever Thought About Mentoring?


Have You Ever Though About Mentoring? Last month was National Mentoring Month. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, 15 million young people in the United States are in need of a mentor. Have you ever thought about mentoring? You've probably heard that mentor programs help decrease youth violence, lessen drug abuse, reduce the high school dropout rate, and help send thousands of young people to college each year. This evidence … [Read more...]

Mentor Ring Takes Flight

One moment it is a whisper of an idea.  The next it is a bunch of folks sitting in a living room, the vision taking shape and moving forward. There were twelve of us that evening, sitting appropriately, in a circle; the first incarnation of the Mentor Ring.  We were a group of women and men committed to the idea of giving back, paying it forward.  All of us were busy, with more than enough on our plates, but for some reason when the call went … [Read more...]