Angels Everywhere


Over and over I’ve expressed my great thanks to family and friends, old and new, for their amazing outpouring of love and support. Though not religious in any formal tradition, I’ve come to call them my angels and feel blessed to be surrounded by so many. But the story I’m about to share taught me that angels are everywhere, in all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, sometimes when we least expect it. It was a week after Mike had passed away … [Read more...]

Improving Body Image


Improving Body Image By Bridget Loves Body Image is a tricky thing. What is the definition? When I ask a group of students this they generally come up with the same conclusion- body image is the way YOU think you look to the outside world. Wow, that is a tough thing to control! So in an effort to help us all feel more comfortable in the bodies we live in, how can we embrace them and love them more? Particularly since your friends don’t … [Read more...]

Are you in Your Ego or Spirit?


We can make one of 2 choices in walking through out day......we can live in our ego, or be guided by our spirit.  Our ego reacts, while our spirit listens.  Our ego interprets, while our spirit is open.    Our ego personalizes, while our spirit remains objective and neutral.  Our ego judges while our spirit IS  compassion.  Our ego runs with fear, while our spirit is fueled by faith. When you find yourself thinking, feeling or acting in a way … [Read more...]

What message did you receive today?


Listen up for synchronicities......when you hear something,  listen. If it comes up twice listen UP. If it comes up 3x well you might have a slight bruise on you for being "knocked up the head"! Here was mine ...... it was my last session with a client who I adored working with.  She told me that what she learned most in our time together is summed up in a quote she loves: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass ... it's about … [Read more...]

Where does your Pride Lie?

When my niece was 13 years old I called her after a school play and asked her how it went. "It was great" she exclaimed....."I was really proud of my performance"! When my sister got on the phone I told her how amazing I thought it was that my niece, at an age when young girls are dimming their light to be accepted and not perceived as "conceited"........ could really celebrate and acknowledge herself.   She told me something that I vowed to … [Read more...]

Out of the Mouth of Babes…

When my God son was in 1st grade I went to visit him  and his mom.  After playing with horses he got an allergy attack and we quickly wisked him in the car to get some over the counter relief.   While his mom was in the store getting some medicine dear 7 year old Michael was looking out the window and said, "Do you know what?" "What?" I replied. "What we say we create". "Really" I said....."tell me what you mean"  (I couldn't wait to hear … [Read more...]