Do Unto Yourself


Here is my Soul Food for Parents, inspired by a talk with a client yesterday who is a mother of 4. She gives "everything" she says to her children and cannot understand why they are struggling with their self-esteem and "receiving praise." I asked her how she is with the same and she laughed..."not so good." Your children will do as you do, not just take in what you say. If they see you holding your head up high, proud of who you are and … [Read more...]

First Tuesday Chicago, Founder on “The View”


Missy Lavender on The View! Missy is also the Co-Founder of First Tuesday Chicago! She was invited on The View to discuss Light Bladder Leakage, in conjunction with Poise’s 1 in 3 Like Me campaign. In 2004, Missy founded the Women’s Health Foundation with the goal of bringing sensitive and stigmatized women’s health issues out of hiding and into the light. Guided by a mission to improve the pelvic health and fitness of all … [Read more...]