Wellness With Rose Cookbook

optimal-energy-recipies-rose-coleThese recipes help you to lose weight, increase your energy, and are suitable for people with a food intolerance to dairy or gluten, and are made with all-natural sweeteners so they are perfect for those who are sensitive to sugar.

Optimal Energy Recipes – 77 Quick Meals to Lose Weight and Increase Your Energy All-Naturally

Rose Cole is a well known author, speaker and holistic health expert whose work is based on the markers the blood shows as deficient or excessive, both of which she sees as the impetus for disease. Her approach connects common threads of habits, cravings, emotional and physical issues that support what is seen in blood testing.  Learn more about Rose Cole and her Easy Recipe Solutions.

First Tuesday About First Tuesday

First Tuesday is a Professional and Social Network for Extraordinary Women. Gatherings are held in private homes or public venues on the first Tuesday of each month. Each evening includes unstructured social time, dinner, networking and a program on subjects that span the mind, body and spirit. Newcomers are welcome to join us!

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