Women’s Healing Circle: Your Next Best Self – Evolution Of Style

By Nicole Foos

Hello! My name is Nicole Foos and I’m brand new to First Tuesday. I have an event planning company, Quintessential Parties, a stylist company, Styling Goddess, and do Women’s Healing Circles for the Healing Institute of Beings (http://www.healingbeings.org) I’m currently doing my Circles twice per month, but wanted to share my blog post about the Circle we had earlier this week on “Your Next Best Self – Evolution of Style”:

We had such a fun and thought-provoking meeting the other night where we explored:

1) The importance of style in our daily lives, how to get to know yourself a bit better by starting to notice why you respond positively to certain things be it items of clothing, the way a room is laid out, a piece of art, etc., or why you don’t, and maybe starting to see patterns in those preferences, and how confidence plays into building a sense of your style, and how each grows exponentially once you start moving forward in that manner;

2) Variables to keep in mind when choosing what to wear, and therefore the manner in which you’re choosing to present yourself to the world each day: color, lifestyle and where you live, budget, your figure, your age, and your own self-imposed limitations;

3) Suggestions regarding how to develop your own style;

4) Pulling your “look” together; and

5) Shopping tips.

I handed out a pamphlet that I put together for this evening, and which I incorporated into a blog post on my new styling site, http://www.stylinggoddess.com; you can find the blog post with the content of the pamphlet here: http://stylinggoddess.com/your-next-best-self-evolution-of-style/ – hope you have a look!

Our discussion touched on many things – what dressing professionally means now and what it meant when we first started out in our careers, how the gap has narrowed with regard to dressing too much like our daughters, various items which we won’t wear, no matter what, whether or not to let our hair go gray, plastic surgery and injectables and the like! We really had a blast, and everyone enjoyed my gluten-free, sweetener free, dairy free (except for eggs) banana bread so much that I promised to post the recipe, so here’s the link: http://thehealthyfoodie.com/2013/05/12/paleo-banana-bread/.

You can see our upcoming calendar of events at http://www.healinginstituteofbeings.org/womens-circle-events/. I hope you can join us!

Warmest, Nicole

nicoleFoos.2Nicole is a styling expert (http://stylinggoddess.com) and event/party planner (http://www.quintessentialparties.com), and does Women’s Healing Circles for the Healing Institute of Beings (http://www.healingbeings.org).

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