“Worst to First”—the Power of Resilience

One of the great things about sports is you can see the human condition ebb and flow in a microcosm

lasting 60 minutes on the football clock (which we all know is not really 60 minutes) and interminable

minutes on the baseball clock. We get to see one-year “turnarounds” where teams go from “worst to



Many of my friends and I have bounced back from some of the worst business times in our lives. Just

like sports teams, we demonstrate “worst to first”—after a crummy year, we can have our best year

ever. It’s all about training yourself to be RESILIENT. The definition I like best is “the ability to recover

quickly from misfortune; the capacity to withstand stress and catastrophe.” We resilient people work

with adversity in such a way that you come through unharmed or even better for the experience. It’s

the quality of character that allows a group of people, a work group, a sports team, to rebound from

misfortune, hardships and traumas.


Some of us have trouble “shaking off the bad plays” or bouncing back. There is much research on

why some people get PTSD and others don’t. Here are the factors in those who tend not to get Post

Traumatic Stress Disorder:


1. Strong social support—you make your own.

2. Communicating with others.

3. Unshakable optimism (most important).

4. Resilience—when you get knocked down, you get up.


The conclusion is that people are more resilient than they think. A professor from Teachers College,

Columbia U. (my alma mater) found that the people who flourished were scarred on the outside, NOT

on the inside.


When I keynote for women entrepreneurs of a certain age, I often say the great thing about getting

older is “we know stuff, and don’t doubt ourselves.” I often ask for other great advantages. Recently,

one woman spoke up, without hesitation. “We don’t care!” she shouted, and everyone laughed. YES,

we don’t sweat the small stuff; we trust our ability to withstand any great stress; we bounce back; we



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