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Have you been talking about writing a book for months? Years? All of eternity? Do you have a brilliant idea but no clue where to start? Bestselling author and coach Jen Sincero has an 8 week tele-course called “How To Write and Sell Your Non-Fiction Book Proposal” that will give you all the info, exercises and accountability you need to get your proposal written in 8 weeks*.

*When it comes to non-fiction, unlike fiction, agents and editors want to see a book proposal, not the entire book.

Jen’s 8 week tele-courses on  How To Write and Sell a Non-Fiction Book Proposal  will give you all the information you need to have the finished product in your hands, including:

* How to hone your idea and find your perfect target market
* All the parts and pieces of a non-fiction book proposal
* What your final product should look like
* How to get an agent and why you need one in the first place
* How the publishing world works
* Access to ghost writers, writing coaches, agents and PR professionals
* Q & A time during each session
* Accountability and support to get it done
* Bonus calls with experts in the field
* Free private laser coaching

I promise, it’s not that hard, it’s actually really fun and exciting, and it’ll feel SO good to get it done. Plus, keep in mind, you already know what you’re talking about, you’re an expert, all you have to do now is get it out there and start getting paid for telling the world what you already know.

Join us and start getting that book written already!  Click here to get more information:  http://wahmcart.com/x.php?adminid=2223&id=6277

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