Instructions to Sign Up for First Tuesday Yahoo Groups

1. Send a blank e-mail to: 

  • If you are not already a Yahoo! Groups member, Yahoo will send you an e-mail requesting you verify your e-mail address. You must respond to this e-mail!  The easiest way to confirm your e-mail address is to hit ‘reply’.
  • You’ll get a welcome email. You can ignore that one.
  • You’ll get a ‘Yahoo Groups Notification’ — this one says that you’re approved. Great! You’re all done! Now you’re on the list!

2.  Ways to Participate (Sending and Receiving E-mail)

  • Sending Emails: You can send your e-mail messages to our new group e-mail address:
  • Receiving Emails: You will Receive email from the group. The HUGE BENEFIT is that you can adjust your email preferences.  You can receive every email as it comes in, OR you can get a compilation of emails at the end of the day in “daily digest” form. Be sure to choose which ever delivery option you prefer.

Please Note:

When answering and/or addressing a particular individual in the group, please DO NOT HIT REPLY or your message will be distributed to the whole group. Please be sure to e-mail person directly with your response or question.

When you have an event, workshop etc. that you want to advertise, promote and share with the group, please limit that to a maximum of 2 announcements: the first one followed by one optional reminder when date approaches. That way everyone will be informed but not on email overload from one particular message. Periodically, the only exceptions might be “First Tuesday”, affiliates of FT, or CMomA related events.

For Assistance: Please feel free to email:


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