You Are Just 12 Questions Away From Your Best Year Ever!

Want 2011 to be your best year ever? All you have to do is answer these questions…

1. Are your goals in line for 2011? Start with your vision;) “Visioning is a process for creating the life you want. It is a method for finding the dream that lives in your heart and translating it into the world of three dimensions.” (Lucia Capacchione)

2. Who are you worried about pleasing –others or yourself? “All these accounts…-perhaps an inner reality, or a spirit world of which we are all unknowingly a part-seems to exist. Such a universe delivers a final crushing blow to our comfortable belief that ‘we all know what the real world is.’” (Carl Rogers)

3. Is there something within you that is urging you to do something new? “You’ll find it easy and more desirable to change because there is something-some core deep within-that is essentially changeless.”

4. Have you plugged into your Frenchie today? When was the last time you did something for You? JUST YOU

5. What are you thinking about? Are you being conscious of your thoughts? “One thing…making “thoughts become things.” They cultivate their creative ideas like loving gardens…They don’t have to keep digging the seed up every five minutes to find out if the plant is growing. They germinate and trust the creative process.” (Lucia, Capacchione)

6. Are you really listening to your kids, your spouse, yourself? “First…those simply to listen understandingly…and to attempt to convey that understanding were potent forces for individual therapeutic change.” (Carl. Rogers)

7. What is it in your life that you are not accepting? “The second attitude of importance…for change is acceptance …-what I have called ‘unconditional positive regard.’ When the therapist is experiencing a positive, acceptant attitude toward whatever the client is at that moment…change is more likely to occur.” ( Carl R. Rogers)

8. Are you really ready for your dreams? What do you have to let go of? “In making room for your dream, there will inevitably be gains and losses. You may have to let go of something: an attitude, a project, an attachment to something or someone. (Lucia Capacchione)

9. Where is your faith? “Through deep thought and the exercise of faith and prayer, we began to see our son in terms of his own uniqueness. We saw within him layers and layers of potential that would be realized at his own speed…We saw our natural role as being to affirm, enjoy and value him. We also conscientiously worked on our motives and cultivated internal sources of security so that our own feeling’s of worth were not dependant on our children’s ‘acceptable’ behavior.” (Steven Covey)

10. Have you expressed compassion towards yourself? Where is your Indie?

11. Have you acknowledged yourself lately? “Although self-acknowledgement may seem obvious, most people don’t do it enough. It’s so much easier to get caught up in what you didn’t do, what you did wrong, or the things you still have to do. Those are all areas the inner critic loves to harp on. But where is the part of you that pays compliments to yourself, that says: ‘You did a great job! You put forth the effort. You keep the faith! Good for you!’” (Lucia Capacchione)

12. What truth is your heart speaking? As a woman, as a mother, as a friend, as a lover? “It comes from within. It comes from accurate paradigms and correct principles deep in our own mind and heart. It comes from inside out congruence, from living a life of integrity, in which our daily habits reflect our deepest values.” (Stephen Covey)

Tara Marino

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