I will tell you what to read returns! Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Posted  by Caroline Donahue
delivering happinessI realize that I am just a bit behind on promoting this book as it came out in the Spring. However, I did pre-order it and then it sat, happily holding onto its joyful message, until this past Friday when I decided to tackle it.

I think tackle is the wrong word entirely after the fact as it was such a delight to read this. I can’t recommend you grab your own copy highly enough...

Tony Hsieh delights on a number of levels:

  • His open declaration that he didn’t use a ghostwriter
  • His transparency about the ups and downs of his professional career and the development of Zappos
  • His stories of quirky solutions to problems ( I was particularly charmed by his admission that he played recordings of all the instruments he was supposed to be practicing and learning growing up in order to be able to read and play)

There is nothing like a creative kick in the pants and a story of a company that has made a difference. While they sell shoes, the culture that has been created around this company is so amazing that I think they could just as easily sell strollers or beef jerky or umbrellas or anything else and still have the same success.

Go Zappos! if you need some reassurance that it is ok to move forward in tricky times as well as support around getting that quirk on, this book is evidence that it is the quirk and the genuine desire to give people room to be themselves that will triumph every time.

Thank you thank you Tony Hsieh for writing this! We are so grateful to have you. Keep up the good work…


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